Art Journaling 2. River of Happiness

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The text below is a repost from my other blog, which doesn’t exist anymore (I wrote about this happy accident in my previous posts). I just re-read it and you know what? I made a progress! The time between posts got much shorter. Yippee! “It’s been a rather long time since my last (and the only) post. But I did it in the end! It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy at all. What I was doing all this time you ask me? Well, I was getting ready, contemplating, thinking of the blog’s structure, reflecting, meditating and doing all sorts of things apart from actual writing!. And then I looked on the date of the first post and could not believe my eyes. It’s been 5 (!) months! Seriously, the strive for perfection sometimes produce just empty pages…So, here’s my Art Journaling. Take 2. Feedback will be much appreciated :) Inspired by Art Journaling with Jenny & Aaron Class #4. Materials used: craft paper, glossy magazines, pot of flowers drawn by Tatiana Parfionova (scan of her book), DIY stamp made of bubble wrap, gesso, acrylic paints, glue, plastic stars, white paper and fine tip pen in black”

IMG_4565 Finished Pages

2 thoughts on “Art Journaling 2. River of Happiness

    1. Thanks! :) Those images are the same pages in development (like step 1 – step 2 – step 3). As for how long – it is difficult to say, but I remember that the process was very slow and painful. Painful because at first you think you’ll never going to produce anything nice, you don’t have any ideas and don’t have any technical skills. You know you want to try, but you don’t know quite what exactly and how you go about it. Than you look for inspiration. The are lots of master classes on the net, but the problem here is you have to find artists whose art you like and whose classes are easy to understand. Than you would have to let go off the idea to create some ambitious and very original piece of art and let yourself just to copy at first, so you learn and your practice. The irony of it is that when you try to copy you end up with original work. ))…


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