4 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Hi! ) Thanks for the comment! What exactly do you love about the pic? In the case it is the sky, the explanation is next. I sometimes combine several pictures (play with layers in Photoshop, for example). First, I take separate pictures of sky, or snow, or rainbow, or patterns of lights etc. And then I add it to the main (if you can call it main) pic. Afterwards I put some music on, cast some spells (just kidding…or maybe not) and start playing with layers and their colours (add colour, or subtract it, change transparency etc…) until I like the result. Then I do a little dance and publish the image…or vice versa…it depends )))


  2. Ahah, wow. It’s not just the sky I love (which I do absolutely love, though) but also everything else: the car, the tree … Something about the colours in this picture is just so amazing and a joy to look at.


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