For Girls Only: Do You Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes? How? What Pieces? Any Tips?

Без рубрики

styling tipsSpring. And so, I’ve got a burning desire to renew my wardrobe. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Or, to put it more precisely, to buy or not to buy things in female shops.  Or! Another Idea – to borrow something old, something new…in your boyfriend’s closet! At the moment I read A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange and she, for example, advises to explore men’s dep of H&M for additional coolness ;) Girls and men’s clothes…Hmmm…


6 thoughts on “For Girls Only: Do You Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes? How? What Pieces? Any Tips?

  1. I hope I didn’t open the door at the wrong time but this post made me smile. My closet has been a steady source of active fashion wear for my wife, daughters and grand daughters. I never know when my favorite T-shirt will run by me repurposed into a sleeping shirt, summer dress, or swim suit cover. Yesterday the 7 year old found my old Nike climbing pants and a long sleeve gray T-shirt and became a fashion model in a instant. The pants are very colorful and I haven’t worn them in many years. Suddenly I am having all these memories of mountain climbing and thinking my grand daughter looks better in the pants than I ever did :-) So, at least in my house, the five girls of all ages can have free fashion upgrades anytime they choose. Thank you for visiting and for the follow. I enjoy your blog very much.


  2. Hello! Wow! Thanks for such a big comment. LOL!) I think it’s very kind of you that you don’t mind the girls experiment with your clothes! Because my boyfriend did mind me wearing his pullover (pictured), stating that it was, “my favorite thing and the only thing I am feeling sexy in”.. Can’t blame him ( but I did!) :)


  3. I love men’s flannel shirts. I’ve been known to steal my boyfriend’s. But I also buy my own from the menswear section of primark and H&M, men’s t-shirts are great too, with rolled up sleeves ;-)

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  4. Hi, Bridgeen! Thanks for your comment. Hmm…that’s interesting….I still have to check the menswear of hm, and I envy you have Primark! Because we don’t and Primark don’t sell online…I do, however, have one t-shirt from there – left from the times I lived in England.


    1. Oh do try H&M, I’ve bought myself hoodies, checked flannel shirts and t-shirts from their mens department before. Including a really great faded kurt cobain t-shirt a few summers ago :-) P.s Thanks for the follow but I don’t post to cherryandcinnamon any more, you can find me here


      1. Ok, I am following your there already!… about h&m – but surely women dep has all of these too – why to go to the men’s? For a change? Or do you like how they fit? Or …


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