3 thoughts on “Fashion Styling. Daisy Dress

  1. Dresses like this were very popular in the US in the late 60’s and 70’s. Women didn’t wear jeans at that time except for the most casual situation. I was only a teenager but I thought this fashion always made the girls look beautiful in an innocent way. It was very charming and I began to appreciate the beauty and art of the female form and their fashion. I always appreciated a woman that presented herself in public in a thoughtful and nice way. It is the simple things that can be the most appealing at the right times. You have a good talent for it.


    1. Wow! Thanks for your time and such positive feedback. I know they were! Here they were too! Because let’s face it the US is a very fashion forward country. So let’s consider this photoshoot a little retro project. Besides 70’s are in vogue again.

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      1. Yes, and why ignore something that just works regardless of moving trends. Small adjustments are always good but the foundation of that particular style is, in my opinion, always good. But, I must admit, I am no fashionista by any stretch of imagination. Only I know what appeals to my sense of visual art in the human form. I find no harm in those that would disagree. It is, after all, a personal choice. Thank you for the kindness of your reply.


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