Balmanation Finally!

Без рубрики

Today the Balmain x H&M collection finally hits the stores. Look what I found on the net (the artwork is not mine). I love this collage! Although I don’t think it reflects the brand’ DNA, it is so very beautiful! I don’t know who made it, but I found it on Is anyone going (went)? What did you buy? What’s your impressions? Pls share

hm balmain

4 thoughts on “Balmanation Finally!

  1. love the accessories and bags! I can imagine the long line that the shoppers need to go through just to enter AND pay in H&M. when H&M opened here in Manila, people waited for at least 5 hrs to go in the shop and another 5 hrs to pay in the cashier. H&M is too overrated here.


    1. Yeah…can’t be bothered this time. But! If the embroidery dress was white ( not the black and gold version), I’d run. When was the opening in Manila? I went to hm collabs twice in St. Petersburg. Once in Moscow (Wang). In mscw I was three hour late, nothing (!) was left. But lines and crazy people…hm…is not for everyone…)))

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