19 thoughts on “Wonderland, dreams, ballerinas and other dancing queens on swag )))

      1. Привет) Ok I will upload something new especially for you! As I don’t publish here much^ because I don’t know how to share posts directly from my instagram where i publish something every day))) I hope your day is sunny and beautiful, also would be nice to know your name – i searched and i couldn’t find(((

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      2. Hello Evgeniya! Thanks so much for your kindness. I’m so amazed about your continuous creativity when you sketch.
        Oh yeah, in my city the usual weather is so sunny and warm.
        My name is энрик and I live in Barcelona. Thanks so much for your comment. Best wishes <3


      3. Энрик? You spell it using cyrillic? ))))) ha-ha-ha))) Yeah , Barcelona – i love it – i used to have a painting bought in Barcelona. It was quite funny, how I cared it in all the trains and planes on the way back home)) Now it decorares a wall somewhere in Kaliningrad)) Have a great, dear Энрик))

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      4. Hello Evgeniya, I’m so glad with the feedback with you. I’m a fan of the Russian Culture. I’m joined to a русский xop in Barcelona, but I only know a few words just to sing. After a while I will check in the net some pictures of Kaliningrad. Have a nice day and kisses <3


      5. Hi Энрик! Are you still in Русский Хор? Try singing “Выйду в поле с конем”…I recently listened to it in interpretation of Академический ансамбль песни и пляски Росгвардии. It was sooo beautiful, I cried! )


      6. Hi dear! So true, I’m in a Русский Хор in Barcelona. I allways have an special feeling for horses and I like a so much the song you told me. You cried because you have a wonderful sensitivity like you have another for sketching. Thank you. Хорошего дня !!! 😊🌷🌸🐴


      7. ” Wonderful sensitivity” is getting in the way of living everyday life. Big time! ((( Communicating with people or even getting a job (sorry for moaning)


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