Let’s Get to Know Each Other! :)


summer time me

artI love telling stories.That’s why at first I went to…Marketing&Advertising! People like beautiful stories and positive emotions behind them. That’s why they buy…but the thing is not all stories are beautiful and not all of them I want to beautify…so I left..to University again..

I became Journalist. Worked in all publishing houses I dreamed about (London, Moscow, St. Petersburg). Than I got bored…of facts. Facts, facts, facts. The boring/frightful facts. And so I could not make any beautiful stories, I could only reflect the reality. The clearer the better it was. And I didn’t want to reflect, I wanted to create, beautify and construct. So I left…

Straight into fashion! Exciting!

What also is exciting, is my native city of St. Petersburg, which I absolutely adore! It’s, like, – rain, rain, rain, rain, – monuments, museums, ballet, – then snow, snow, snow, then rain again! You should visit!

40 thoughts on “Let’s Get to Know Each Other! :)

  1. Здравствуйте,

    Меня зовут Ольга и я редактор развлекательного портала PPcorn.com/ru. Нам понравился Ваш блог, и мы бы хотели предложить Вам сотрудничество в рубрике “Стиль” нашего сайта. Если Вас это заинтересовало, не могли бы Вы, пожалуйста, связаться со мной по электронной почте? Мой адрес 112@ppcorn.com


    С уважением,
    Ольга Щеглова
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  2. Guerilla Blond! I tackle many ‘Guerrillas’ when I play war games on my PC! (I hope this makes you smile . . .)
    See I think its too formal- coming here, saying thanks, a few good words and all that. I think its, kind of, unoriginal.
    But what I want to say is I wish to collaborate with you some day. umm, artwork? What do you say?


    1. I haven’t been to St. Petersburg. Everyone says it is the most beautiful city in Russia of course. I have been to Yalta. I would love to go to Moscow and other cities such as Arkhangelsk. Your English is so good!


      1. Oops ! Didn’t find my comment rather strange? Sorry – I publish it by mistake. And thanks for letting me know by replying))) As for St. Petersburg – well, I haven’t been to al places in Russia, so I won’t know whether it the most beautiful…))) But I love it… Yalta??? Why Yalta? And why Russian history?


      2. I was on a trip through the Baltic with my grandfather. We happened to stop at Yalta. I would have wanted to see much more but I had to get back on the boat. Russian history is just really fascinating. Especially Stalin and the Czars like Ivan the Great.

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      1. I remembered about our conversation today when we had first proper snowing – tones of snowflakes are still flying around! It’s sooo magical! It’s especially so given the off-set of the grey sky and yellow sun. So I thought of you :)

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  3. Truly agree with you! all stories are not beautiful. I want to see the reality around the world and create something to reflect the reality.
    I’m a photography /graphic design student and also a traveler. Just checked your website and I LOVE IT! Keep the good work and I support your life style and vision :)


    1. Hi again – this was my original comment for you, but I couldn’t publish it previously for some reason – “Hi! WordPress tells me your blog “doesn’t exist anymore”…but I saw your work on Behance )))- I probably need to register there too…yeah…graphic design…I studied it too…thinking of coming back …as it disciplines, gives you likeminded people around and you learn quicker…at the moment I study it myself ( still have many lectures downloaded from my uni site that I need to watch and many books to read and many homeworks to do )…PS Have you been to St. Petersburg? “


      1. Happy to know that you keep learning by yourself :) St. Petersburg? I haven’t been there but maybe someday I’ll visit Russia, it’s beautiful country – i think. I’m taking off this quarter staying in Korea, but soon going back to Hong Kong for college :) Have you been to those countries?


      2. Hi, sorry I just read this message. I’ve been travelling Barcelona and Brazil for 11 days :) I’ll let you know if I visit st. Petersburg :)
        and you’re welcome to come to Hong Kong. :)


    1. Hello, Beverly! That’s so true! Although I spent a year in the US, I have never been to North Carolina….maybe I learn something about NC from your blog!) Cheers to you too :) Evgenia


  4. I would LOVE to visit St. Petersburg! My native land is the Pacific Northwestern part of the US, and I think often the four seasons (snow, rain, sun, sometimes all in one day!) are really inspiring. I encourage you to create, create, create!

    Thanks for following my blog, and I look forward to checking out what you share here.


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