Art Journaling 2. River of Happiness

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The text below is a repost from my other blog, which doesn’t exist anymore (I wrote about this happy accident in my previous posts). I just re-read it and you know what? I made a progress! The time between posts got much shorter. Yippee! “It’s been a rather long time since my last (and the only) post. But I did it in the end! It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy at all. What I was doing all this time you ask me? Well, I was getting ready, contemplating, thinking of the blog’s structure, reflecting, meditating and doing all sorts of things apart from actual writing!. And then I looked on the date of the first post and could not believe my eyes. It’s been 5 (!) months! Seriously, the strive for perfection sometimes produce just empty pages…So, here’s my Art Journaling. Take 2. Feedback will be much appreciated :) Inspired by Art Journaling with Jenny & Aaron Class #4. Materials used: craft paper, glossy magazines, pot of flowers drawn by Tatiana Parfionova (scan of her book), DIY stamp made of bubble wrap, gesso, acrylic paints, glue, plastic stars, white paper and fine tip pen in black”

IMG_4565 Finished Pages

Struggling with Art Journaling. The very beginning.

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Ok, I continue uploading content from my old blog, that was swallowed by blogspot…

Last year I tried art journaling for the first time. And I can honestly say – this is one of my favorite things in the world now!  Basically, this was the reason I started the blog as I needed feedback on my work.  And my main inspiration was (and still is) Every Day Is A Holiday blog. Seriously, search no more – Jenny and Aaron have everything!!! – very in-depth tutorials, lots of positive thinking and (as for me) T.A.S.T.E!  Another great source of inspiration I found in Rookie – an online magazine created by famous Tavi Gevinson.

For a start, I should have chosen not as huge (or small) notebooks Size does matter! ;)

For a start, I should have chosen not as huge (or small) notebooks as these ones. Size does matter! ;)

The beginning was not as easy as I thought It would. I didn’t have a clue about the glue (or other materials) and it took me hours to reinforce pages. I also didn’t have all the colors I meant to be using in paints, so for example, to arrive with the baby-pink page I covered page with  fluorescent pink marker and then quickly put a layer of gesso… 20120906_154401 20120906_145218 20120906_154438 IMG_3469IMG_3472Oh yeah, almost forgot – If you can’t find cool papers for your projects, you may want to go to a home-improvement store like Leroy Merlin, they normally give free samples of wall paper and you can end up with very interesting effects in your journal.  Not that I completely finished this page…but this was my first attempt :)

PS: I’ve got a useful and nice comment from  NikkeyB on my old blog.  And here is what she said: ” Love the texture you were able to get on your pages on the close up pictures with the cherub. I also thought the pink highlighter and white paint was very inventive. Most of the time when I reinforce a page I will just use plain old white printer paper, and Aleene’s tacky glue, and water it down just a bit. If gesso is hard to find you can do what I do, and use matte white ceiling paint. I have been using whats left from a house painting protect. Just stick with it with every new piece you will learn and get better and like what you make more and more. ”