Positive city and a very very happy place

Без рубрики

peter and paul cathedral black and white

A night, a street, a lamp, a drugstore

A meaningless and dismal light

A quarter century outpours –

It’s all the same. No chance to flight.

You’d die and rise anew, begotten.

All would repeat as ever might:

The street, the icy rippled water,

The store, the lamp, the lonely night.


Alexander Blok, October 10th, 1912

Translated by Dina Belyayeva at silveragepoetry.com (apparently)

Yeah, we are very positive thinking folks here, in St. Petersburg, Alexander Blok included. But! Sarcasm aside. I really think it’s a positive poem. Especially if you read it very rhythmically and loud…and in Russian. :)))