How to Increase Your Happiness Level in Five Days – UPDATED

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It’s winter time and the level of happiness might be not on its highest. And So! Today I would like to share with you one easy way to recharge your batteries! All you have to do is to focus on one of your senses throughout the day. For example,

  • Day 1: Feast your eyes on something you find beautiful. Look for anything aesthetically pleasing, something you adore from visual point of view: colours, shapes – anything! By the way, if you really let yourself go into the depth of visual pleasures and use your imagination, you might learn something new about yourself. Pay attention and give yourself time to notice…
  • Day 2: Search for sounds that your soul loves. Alunika Dobrovolskaya (here’s her youtube channel, but it’s in Russian) suggests to concentrate on instrumental music or sounds of nature
  • Day 3: Inhale the world and find smells you love
  • Day 4: Examine the world by tasting it…New restaurant, new recipe to cook at home – you decide
  • Day 5: Touch the world. Massage,  barefoot walking on wooden floor, you name it…

With this exercise we learn new things about ourselves, increase levels of hormones responsible of pleasure, and become more beautiful, says Alunika.

“You start focusing on different things, things that you like and give you pleasure. So, pleasure center in your brain starts working much better and more effective.  This makes you full of resources and attracts people!”

And so. I decided to begin with delighting the eye as this kind of pleasure is the most natural for me. (see the pics!) What gives me aesthetic pleasure? From the top of my head, it’s Chanel and flowers! Once again, I learnt that Karl Lagerfeld read my mind, because Chanel 2015 haute couture spring summer 2015 is all about flowers! (!)

“Suddenly, I think there was something in the air, something wanted…something stronger…the flower…have bold colours too! ” Karl Lagerfeld

Predictably, fashion always boost my spirits, so I went shopping. Predictably ;) To Buy, or not to buy, that might be a question. But to try on something I like and to make a selfie , is an absolute must!

for blog final

cool parka

blue 3

Chanel-esque Cardigan by Marc Cain. Love it, love it, love it! )
blue 1 1

Dreamy blue coat! by Prada below, by Kira Plastinina above



crazy sky

Check out the sky above St. Peterburg, how beautifully it sets off its natural 50 shades of grey. Karl and ABBA were right, ‘there were something in the air”…;)

orange tree

Nearly forgot! I also bought this cute citrus plant! Just couldn’t resist when I saw this beauty!)

P.S. This simple method (concentrating on your senses, finding out what you like and bring it into your life on regular basis) also helps to improve your love relationship, loose weight, get rid of toxic relationships and pursue your goals faster and more effectively!

And what gives you aesthetic pleasures? What makes you happy to look at?