Wedding and LBD

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Let’s assume you’ve got invited to a wedding! You’ve got to go but! You don’t have time (money, desire etc.) to buy a dress. Houston, we have a problem! But don’t panic. Surely you’ve got your favorite little black dress. Black on a wedding? Absolutely Yes, if you mix it with contrast white details! In my case it was a very chip belt (you can find it even in a thrift store)  and expensive (thanks, mum!) pearls necklace! By the way, on this wedding I found out the difference between expensive pearls necklace  and its poor relation. Apart from the obvious, when you crazy-dance and the necklace breaks (sorry, mum!) you spare from crawling under tables catching beads. As every pearl is secured with knots.  Phew! :)wedding style

Kimono Styling

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Leather jacket,  t-shirt, blue jeans and trainers. Too simple? Just add a kimono. I suggest one of a contrast colour to the jeans and the same colour that one of your jacket.

kimono 5kimono 1KIMONO 3kimono 2