T-Shirts With Slogans: How I Wear Them

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Really easy tip on how to wear your t-shirts with slogans, which you are tired of. Let’s face it, sometimes they’re just stupid. Or you bought this t-shirt when you were comfortable with that slogan, but now you are not. Or you don’t want to be a center of attention but that is the only clean t-shirt (just kidding). Anyway, all you have to do is to mix it with a jacket or unbuttoned shirt. Voila again!

PS You can do the same trick with your “went-to-a-gig-bought-that-cool-t-shirt-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-it”

military style ootdmilitary 2

t-shirt: asos

jacket: pull&bear

shorts: zoey m

snickers: lacoste

chain: pandora

pendant: river island brooch cut off from beanie

The Easiest DIY Ever.

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The winter is gone. And it’s too hot ( even in Russia, ha-ha) for beanies,  which you can’t even wash because of the big cameos decorating them (in my case, anyway). So, all you have to do is remove it from your beanie and attach it to a chain. Voila!

river-island-blue-cameo-beanie-product-1-19830888-1-032483945-normal cameo2

Kimono Styling

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Leather jacket,  t-shirt, blue jeans and trainers. Too simple? Just add a kimono. I suggest one of a contrast colour to the jeans and the same colour that one of your jacket.

kimono 5kimono 1KIMONO 3kimono 2