Must-have of the month: Red Midi Skirt

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red skirt

To beautify yourself in seconds, just swap your regular jeans to full midi skirt (even if all the rest of the outfit are the same)! And voila – you’re beautified! I love midi skirts, and especially the red ones, as they make you visible in any crowd, it matches lots of colours like black, beige and white. Or you can play with nuances (like pink), contrasts or try to combine with other bold colours. Also it wearable with t-shirts (for those who love contrasts) or with blouses (to be a girly girl :). It also puts your waist in focus and makes you a bit of an enigma…If you think it doesn’t suit you, try a high-waisted one/low-waisted one, play with textures, shoes and make sure the pleats are on correct places. For example. If you don’t want you thighs look bigger , pleats should not be placed on sides.

fashion illustration

Home outfit for when your man is around ;)

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Have lots of crop tops and other items like high-waisted-nickers-pretended-to-be-shorts in your wardrobe that you find too sexy for the street? Just wear them at home! That’s how you can give you (and maybe to someone else; ) aesthetic pleasure, boost up your feminine energy and utilize clothing that just gathers dust (and looks soooo good!)
french style

Photo Credit: “How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits” book

Kimono Styling

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Leather jacket,  t-shirt, blue jeans and trainers. Too simple? Just add a kimono. I suggest one of a contrast colour to the jeans and the same colour that one of your jacket.

kimono 5kimono 1KIMONO 3kimono 2