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Once upon a time (not so long ago actually) I happen to stumble across these lovely shoes.

I just love these shoes - the colour, the shape, the heart and the lustre

I just love these shoes – the colour, the shape, the heart and the lustre

They looked like they were just taken out from a fairytale context and put straight on a soulless shelf in a huge shopping mall. That was in Helsinki. They were too sweet and too romantic for me and my Helsinki post (I thought that me and the shoes together might produce dangerous doze of romance so I left them alone) . But anyhow they have been on my mind ever since. And you know what!? – my intuition didn’t let me down! – the shoes have a story to tell! First off all they said “hi” to me from a TV screen once. I noticed them (don’t ask me how I did it, but I did) on backstage girls of Krista Siegfrids -girl who represented Finland in Eurovision 2013. Hmm…I wouldn’t say it was my favorite outlook of all times but one thing was clear – the shoes defiantely  have some starry quality! Like they were born to catch the limelight If you know what I mean…Time went on and I almost forgot about this little shoe anecdote… until today! I’ve just seen them in Russia -comfy nested in a virtual shopping window. Finally (!) I know the name of the brand. Ta-daaa! It’s Minna Parikka. Minna Parikka is the name of the designer and she’s cool!

Who said that? I said that, but I’m in a good company here , as according to the brand’s web-site, Fergie, Paloma Faith and Beth Ditto from the Gossip – all have some accessories from Minna. The shoes bellow, for example, is worn by Lady Gaga! See the photo in Terry Richardson’s diary (here’s the link).

These funky shoes were designed in collaboration with artist Jani Leinonen.  On his web-site Leinonen explains: “I got inspired by a story Minna Parikka told me.

“Some time ago she had to destroy a whole shoe line because Adidas legal department saw “three lines” in her shoe design…

“I wanted to see what happens when you put 100 copyright infringements in a shoe and place it in a museum. “(The shoes were part of an exhibition in Amos Anderson Museum, but sadly not any more…)