8 thoughts on “Final Version

    1. Hiya! Your comments came in the right moment, so I appreciate it a lot! Because at the moment I’m having a creative crisis ( or, maybe, an existential one) sat at home burning my diaries!…while currently I don’t seem to be able to earn money with any of my “talents”, it is great to know that someone actually likes what you do!

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      1. Hi Krasi, I’m sorry for my delay, I’ve returned home after a hard day of work. In my opinion it is so difficult to get money through the art of drawing. Your works look so great, fresh and spontaneous. But the general public don’t understand this like me. You know about the life of a lot of masters. And they had a humble life, because they only wanted to dedicate their life to art. I hate my work because it has no relation with art, but I need it. Keep calm, await another day better and take care of you. <3

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      2. Thanks for the support again – I mean it! But I thhink you should get a job you love! And so I have too (again)!) And I actually love crises (what’s plural?) as we grow with them..) And I am getting better already I think) …”Fresh and spontaneus” – I will be thinking of how I can attribute this qualities into my future job…)

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      3. Hi dear, don’t worry about these qualities, because are something you already have, and you don’t need to think about them. A lot of artists would envy the way you work. I’m realising you’re a person, who is accustomed to conteste every day of your daily life. But we born alone and some days when we are blue, we need a bit of love. You don’t need to burn any diary, please. (oh yeah, crises is right to plural). Follow being the artist I admire. Kisses and hugs!


      4. Will not tell you here what’s going on in my life at the moment, but I just want you to know, that again your comment came in the right moment and I feel your love and send my love back to you!

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