7 thoughts on “Girl in a Hat

    1. Hello. Thank you very much for your comment! Couldn’t find your account, but I ‘m sure you are too harsh on yourself…+ we all unique so it’s no point to compare….I am happy my art give you some ideas though!

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      1. Thanks!…… And I wonder why you couldn’t see my blog I would have loved you to see my art too PS. I love the drawing with of the Lady with black hair


  1. ok, now i will try to remember: I always always always try to use mediums,, paper etc that I love. I need to love my pen, my paint and so on….chances are I like the outcome too)))
    1) paper – simple organizer (you can buy them here in many shops). I love it for some reason because it’s a bit transparent and it’s WHITE! and it lined. Sometimes it’s easier to start drawing not on completely white sheet of paper, but the one that has got lines on it.
    2) simple blue pen (the one you can find in any shops) with blue tops and transparent body)
    2) acrylic paints FolkArt
    3) Gouache (but I’ m not sure)
    You see I create in a very spontaneous manner. NO plan, just gut feeling. Like when you look at a jar with paint and know that you need to paint that or this bit with it…

    I hope I was helpful, don’t hesitate to ask me more if you have any questions!)


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